Seeds for Kindness: The Inspirations

Seeds for Kindness: The Inspirations

• Tigger Montague

     Several years ago I read The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach, an American teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. One of the impacts the book had on me was the concept of creating “new imprints” in our minds. A kindness imprint, for example, would be a small deed with intense compassion, a gift to someone who needs it badly, a smile to a stranger, or a courtesy to another driver on the road. By taking action in kindness compassionately, the world becomes a more compassionate place, one person at a time.

     I was drawn like a magnet to creating a new imprint of kindness in my life. I also wanted to make Biostar a part of that. The name Seeds for Kindness appeared in my mind, and I knew I had to make it real. When the Biostar team sat down at a company meeting and I talked about The Diamond Cutter and the concept of Seeds for Kindness, we realized it was a wonderful idea, but we didn’t know how to give it wings…

Two years later, I was in a sea kayak in beautiful Kachemak Bay, Alaska, paddling with my guide, Parker, around sea otters. Honestly he did most of the paddling as my hands were holding a heavy camera, and I was totally focused on the delightful personalities of the otters. There in these pristine waters, hugged by steep banks of spruce and wilderness, a plastic water bottle floated by… the bobbing plastic of humans. We fished the offensive bottle out of the water, and Parker told me that they find plastic all the time: in the bay, on the beaches.

Tigger's otters in Alaska

     The realization began to sink in…what a profoundly enormous problem the planet faces. It is one thing to read about the environmental stresses, and in my case become self-righteous about them. It is another thing to witness it first-hand, and realize it is happening all over the world.

     I had to do something. I had to do more than talk. Seeds for Kindness was born several weeks after I returned from Alaska. One could say that Alaska was life-changing for me, spurring me into action, inspiring me to create an environmental kindness imprint.

     Within hours of my vision of Seeds for Kindness, I began to find artists and small companies around the world that were using recycled, repurposed materials destined for landfills, and making beautiful things out of them. I found little tiny companies that no one has heard of use creativity and imagination to help solve environmental problems. In fact I was discovering there were seeds of kindness around the world -- small pockets of artisans, and artists all working to spread more kindness to Mother Earth, and in their communities.

     Seeds for Kindness showcases these unique artists and small companies, supporting their efforts to make the world a kinder place. We donate a portion of our profits to environmental charities, in the spirit of creating a circle of compassionate warriors. All of us are seeds. Let us be a world-wide community of seeds that spreads kindness as we creatively solve environmental and social problems.



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