New Summer Products and Their Stories

New Summer Products and Their Stories

• Tigger Montague


It's easy to buy a gift on Amazon, Walmart or department stores: convenience and price are powerful incentives. Amazon could not have grown to its size if we all hadn’t fallen under the spell of convenience and free shipping.

However, there’s something powerful in a gift that comes with a story. There's something wonderful when we buy a present for ourselves that takes Mother Earth into account.  It's fulfilling to know you've said: “Yes the environment matters.”  “Yes, I want to help reduce landfills, and reduce ocean debris.”  “Yes, I want to support small companies and artists around the world that repurpose, and re-imagine that which we throw away.”

Even better when the item is unique, and not easily found just anywhere.

This what is Seeds for Kindness is all about.

Innovation has long been a hallmark of US ingenuity. We found a California jewelry designer and a small American bag company and that use what would be dumped into landfills, and instead create extraordinary products out of them.


Surfboard Resin | Seeds for Kindness

Surfboard Resin Earrings | Seeds for KindnessSurfboards are commonly made with Epoxy resin, or unsaturated polyester resin.  Typically two coats of resin are used.  A six-foot surfboard needs approximately 40 fluid ounces of resin for each coat.

A surfboard enthusiast and artist in California decided to collect excess resin from surfboard companies that normally would dispose the resin in a landfill… and make jewelry out of it using a unique innovative process. 

Surfboard Necklace | Seeds for KindnessThe result is what I call Happy Jewelry: jewelry that captures the surfboard culture of sand and sea and sun; an endless summer  that we can wear year-round.

I fell in love with the earrings: they are incredibly light and the colors remind me of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Each piece is unique, no two are the same.  The multi-striped dimensions of the jewelry reflect the colors of each surfboard.

See our Surfboard Resin Collection


Sea Glass and Bottles | Seeds for Kindness

Sea glass is weathered glass found on beaches along bodies of salt water.  The weathering process produces natural frosted glass, which gives sea glass its unique textures and colors.  Beach glass comes from fresh water and has a less frosted appearance than sea glass.  Sea glass originates as pieces of broken bottles, tableware, some of it originating from shipwrecks.

Glass that ends up in landfills can take up to 1 million years to decompose according to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.  Glass can be recycled and lends itself to indefinite recycling without loss of strength.

Sea Glass and Sterling Bracelet | Seeds for KindnessGenuine sea glass is becoming harder to find because glass bottles and containers are being recycled or replaced by plastic.  According to British Glass, recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to run a computer for 25 minutes.

Our sea glass bracelet is made in California from genuine sea glass shaped by the ocean.  The sea glass is hand-picked from beaches in California and Bali, and set in sterling silver by silver smiths.

See our Sea Glass Bracelet



Billboard Bags | Seeds for Kindness

What was once a vinyl billboard becomes a backpack, a tote, a duffle bag, or a credit card wallet.  We found an innovative company that takes the high in the sky vinyl billboards, washes them, and then hand-cuts them into unique designs.  These products are durable, waterproof, lightweight, and eco-friendly because they keep used vinyl out of the landfills.

Fact: over 600,000 tons of non-recyclable vinyl finds its way into landfills each year.  Many companies and organizations do not see the environmental impact and do not consider this waste stream that their vinyl signs and banners create.

Another great benefit to repurposing material such as vinyl signs for bags and wallets is that it reduces the amount of virgin materials that normally would be used to create these products.

Billboard Bags on the Go | Seeds for KindnessThe vinyl billboard material makes great gym bags, back-to-school backpacks, weekend get-away bag.  I use mine for the dogs’ traveling bag of bowls, food, supplements, leashes, and treats.  Our videographer at BioStar uses her vinyl billboard bag to carry her riding helmet, chaps, spurs, and other riding paraphernalia from barn to barn.

Each bag is one of a kind, with portions of billboards used to emphasize fun shapes and colors.

See our Billboard Bag Collection

All sales add to our support for SeaLegacy.



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