Hemp Dog Collars

   Mother Nature offers beautiful plants, amazing animals, good humans, majestic mountains and water ... why not make something great from it?
     Hemp is one of the greatest plants on the planet. It's environmentally friendly, we don't need any pesticides to grow it successfully, it's resistant to mold, and doesn't irritate the skin. It gives us food, fiber, fuel, and so much more.  Hemp dog gear is suitable for sensitive skin as well as being strong and durable.
     The materials in these collars are the highest quality: organic European hemp fabric and webbing, organic European hemp and cotton fleece, woven jacquard ribbon, and metal hardware - not plastic. Our collars are great for dogs with sensitive skin, because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  Made in Slovenia.

Proceeds from collar sales go to SeaLegacy.

"These collars look great on any kind of dog and add a wonderful pop of color.  Hemp is one of the most important ecological plants that is drought resistant and doesn’t need chemical fertilizers or herbicides.  I have one dog that's very sensitive to nylon and starts itching the moment a nylon/cotton collar is put around her neck.  But she can wear the hemp collar all day and not one itchy response.  The cool benefit of these collars is the buckle.  It is not plastic, which can be difficult to take on and off particularly in cold weather.  The metal buckle on this collar is so easy, making the collar a breeze to take on and off.  I am crazy about these collars!" - Tigger