First Responders Bags & Belts

The future of luxury is sustainable, ethical, reclaimed, open, generous and kind.

     These amazing bags and belts are made in the UK from genuine reclaimed fire hoses, parachute silk, printing blankets, and excess leather from the luxury leather industry.  The manufacturers have been rescuing quality raw materials since 2005 and creating classic modern designs. These items are build to last, combining world class craftsmanship with timeless design. Made with love and powered by renewable energy. 
This is the future of luxury ... and it's already here.

Profits are donated to the Firefighters Charity in England, and SeaLegacy.

"It was a eureka moment when I found these bags: made from decommissioned London fire hoses and reclaimed leather, both of which were destined for the landfill.  These bags and belts are not only beautiful but superbly hand crafted.  This is quality that is definitely not made in China.  I love that the company supports first responder charities, that means a lot to me.  So move over, designer bags, this is what the new standard of sustainable luxury is!" - Tigger