Sari Bead Jewelry

   The mission behind this beautiful jewelry is to create positive change, build hope, and design beautiful, sustainable products for a better world. It's a business using fashion and design to combat poverty. 

  The artisan groups that create these pieces have experienced significant improvement in their communities in India, Indonesia, and Nepal.  It is evident how Fair Trade practices have changed their lives – they have been able to hire more women artisans, improve educational programs, send their girls to school, and expand healthcare initiatives. They continue to be the heart and soul of the process.
    Proceeds support the Girls Education Fund, which provides additional resources to the most marginalized families in the artisan communities in India. Support includes tuition fees, school uniforms, transportation, books, and so much more.  In addition, Seeds for Kindness donates to SeaLegacy.

"The first thought I had when I saw the Coiled Bracelet was how colorful it is. Once I put it on my wrist I thought, wow I love this bracelet - it is so comfortable and lightweight. I am inspired by the women that craft these beautiful pieces by using their generational skills that help aid in supporting themselves and their families." - Judy