Surfboards and Sea Glass

Connect to the Ocean

Surf's Up

Our Surfboard and Sea Glass jewelry is inspired by the love of the ocean and desire to stay connected with it. Using sustainable, repurposed, recycled, organic and natural materials whenever possible, and reducing waste to a bare minimum, these pieces are made with dignity. Efforts like these are the foundational building blocks of hope for a better world. A cleaner, simpler and less wasteful world which we can all work toward step by step.

Surfboard Jewelry:

Surfboards   Surfboard jewelry is created from the massive amounts of resin used to make surfboards, instead of disposing it in landfills. Made with a highly innovative process to capture and repurpose excess resin left over from making surfboards-- a material now known as "Surfite," scraps are gathered and repurposed to make jewelry that captures the beach and surfboard culture, while keeping the resin out of municipal landfills. Each colored section of surfboard jewelry comes from different surfboards made in California. Reusing and up-cycling in this creative way lessens the amount of garbage that is sent to landfills and reminds us that there are alternatives to throwing things away. These pieces connect you to the story of the surfboards, the waves they've ridden, and the ocean and her wonder. 

Sea Glass:

Sea Glass | Seeds for Kindness     Sea glass takes 40-100 years to acquire its characteristics and shapes. Sea glass originates from broken glass bottles, tail lights of old cars, jars, glassware and sometimes even old shipwrecks. Worn by waves and recycled by the sea, this transformed glass is know as Mermaid Tears, the result of mermaids crying every time a sailor drowned at sea. With the advent of plastic containers, sea glass is becoming more rare and harder to find.

Proceeds help support Sea Legacy.


"I love every single one of these pieces, I wish I could have them all! They're all so unique, and definitely have the beach vibe, which helps me feel connected to my beloved oceans.  It also feels so good to know that they are not using new materials, but resourcing otherwise wasted materials that would go into landfills." - Leslie