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Alaskan Salt Plank

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The Alaska Salt Company was founded in Homer, Alaska by two young adventure seekers who are wildly in love with nature, the ocean specifically, and also with each other.

Homer is surrounded by glaciers, volcanoes, fields of Fireweed and of course, the sea. Alaska's untouched, extreme geography remains to be the birthing place for seemingly endless bounties and organic subsistence for its people.

The Alaska Salt Company aims to be a vessel for one of the most commonly overlooked staples to mankind: raw salt harvested by hand from the sea.

The Salt Plank includes .5 oz of three salts: Spit Salt, Sea Smoke and Birchy Salt. Makes a great gift or a set to share. And let’s face it, everyone loves little corked vials with gifts from the sea.

Birchy Salt is infused with birch syrup, making for a delectable finishing salt. It's great on vanilla ice cream, chocolate, eggs, poultry, popcorn, and even pancakes. It's the result of a collaboration with Bridge Creek, the only birch syrup harvester on the Kenai Peninsula. Birch syrup has a sweet and complex flavor profile.

Sea Smoke is raw sea salt that is dried in an alder wood smoke-filled atmosphere. It lends a smokey touch, and a beautiful golden hue. It hints at the outdoors and it is wonderful on salmon and steak.

Spit Salt is named after the world famous Homer Spit, where the salt is harvested. If you aren't familiar, the Spit is a small peninsula near Homer, Alaska approximately 5 miles long. Spit Salt is raw, unflavored sea salt.

Your purchase also helps support SeaLegacy, combining decades of experience in conservation, photography, and communications to build a healthy future for our oceans.


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