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Bicycle Tire Belt: Red

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A smooth belt made from a thick upcycled bicycle tire. This belt is fitted with a silver buckle and belt loop.

These belts are 100% ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly!  

The tires are carefully cleaned and cut to create belts which are durable, long-lasting and very comfortable/stretchy.

Over time if your belt becomes curved, simply roll it backwards and secure with a rubber band overnight and it will be perfect again.

Typically, belts are measured from the edge of the buckle to the middle hole. This measurement does not usually include the buckle itself. Because belts go around your pants, not just around your waist, a properly fitting belt will usually be a little larger than your waist size or pants size.

Width: 1.5"-3.8cm 

SMALL : 27"-29" 69-74cm 
MEDIUM : 30"-32" 76-81cm 
LARGE : 33"-35" 84-89cm 

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