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Billboard Cardholder Wallet

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The Card Holder was crafted for the minimalist that wants to keep their wallet beautifully simple. This slim wallet allows for multiple cards and includes a top sleeve pocket to keep your Japanese yen, euro or US dollars. Keep your pockets smooth and super slim.

Made from billboard vinyl collected from all over the US. Once their time high in the sky is done, instead of adding to landfills, they are shipped out, washed, hand-cut, and sewn into unique designs. 

- One-of-a-kind design
- Repurposed billboard vinyl exterior
- Multiple card slots (2 -10 cards)
- Nylon lined interior
- Rubber label detailing
- 3"H x 4"W
Your purchase helps support SeaLegacy, combining decades of experience in conservation, photography, and communications to build a healthy future for our oceans.
Billboard Cardholder | Seeds for Kindness
Billboard Card Holder | Seeds for Kindness
Billboard Card Holder | Seeds for Kindness
Rareform Features | Seeds for Kindness

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