Firehose & Hide Clutch

Firehose & Hide Clutch

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The Firehose & Hide clutch combines rescued leather and decommissioned fire hose and is lined with reclaimed parachute silk. Everyone engages with a clutch in a slightly different way but this practical shape works for everyone. The handle can be removed, attached at both ends, or looped onto one of the side hooks. We have counted 5 ways of carrying this so far and leave the rest to your imagination.

The trim, handle and internal detailing are all made from genuine decommissioned UK firehose. But that's just the beginning.

Each year, 800,000 tons of beautiful leather ends up on the cutting room floor. The waste is in small seemingly unusable pieces. In order to rescue these fragments, three shapes that interlock to create whole new hides were created. Each shape is individually cut before we lovingly hand weave them together, piece by piece, creating a strong, beautiful and tactile new material.

A whole new kind of luxury.

  • Combination of Genuine British fire-hose and rescued leather
  • Reclaimed parachute silk lining
  • Detachable strap: the bag can be carried over the shoulder, in the hand or around the wrist
  • Dimensions: 10.2" x 6.7" x 1.6"
  • Handle drop: 7"

Proceeds: Each sale of these bags goes to support The Firefighters Charity in England, and SeaLegacy.

Firehose & Hide Clutch at Seeds for Kindness


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