USA Firehose Men's Dopp Kit

USA Firehose Men's Dopp Kit

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This handsome little toiletry kit is made up of white fire hose liner and then hand-sewn into a practical piece you'll have long after the smoke clears. The white weave is strong, resilient, and naturally waterproof -- yet super light.

Upcycled fire hose products are made from genuine retired fire hose salvaged from US fire departments. Each piece is hand-crafted in the U.S., honoring the inherent history in each rare find.

The benefit of this bag is threefold: keeping this amazing material out of landfills; incorporating it into authentic product design; and giving back to our community.


  •   White synthetic fire hose liner with subtle Navy Blue Stitch
  •   Clear rubberized interior needs no additional liner
  •   Black rubber fire hose details on the bottom exterior
  •   Black Industrial zipper
  •   Orange Trim + loop for hanging
  •   L: 10″ x H: 4”  x W: 4”   
  •   Hand-crafted in the US.

Giving Back:
• The manufacturers of this kit send profits to the kids at the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation,
• Seeds for Kindness donates proceeds to SeaLegacy.

"This Dopp Kit is durable, easy to clean, multifunctional and stylish for both men and women. But what I love most is that it keeps retired fire hoses out of our landfills” - Jamie


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