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Firehose Print Room Belt

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 The Print Room Belt is a combination of rescued firehose with reclaimed printing blanket. It has an Antique Brass buckle with matching eyelets and bold red stitching. The printing blankets are used in the print industry and are scrapped as soon as they develop any imperfections. After they've been reengineered, they have a sleek matte black finish. The lustrous red fire hose was previously deployed in active duty for up to 25 years fighting fires around the UK.


These belts are measured from the fold that holds the buckle to the third hole.

Sizes are:  X-Sm - 31” ; Small - 33” ; Medium - 35" ; Large - 37"

  • Genuine British fire-hose and reclaimed printing blankets
  • West End buckle in an antique brass finish
  • 4 cm (1.5") wide
  • Contrast red stitching

Proceeds support the Firefighters Charity in England, and SeaLegacy.





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