Flip-Flop Hammerhead Shark

Flip-Flop Hammerhead Shark

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Did you know that Hammerhead Sharks do not lay eggs? Instead, they have babies, which are called pups.

Of the nine species of Hammerheads, two are classified as Endangered, and two are classified as Vulnerable. 

In Africa, the great hammerhead shark is already considered Critically Endangered. These sharks, which are the larger species, are regularly caught in trawls and fixed bottom nets. Their fins are used to make shark fin soup, an expensive delicacy in Asia. Their skin is used for leather and their liver oil for vitamins. The other parts are usually thrown away.

Each of our Hammerheads is sculpted individually, keeping 9 flip-flops out of our oceans and landfills.  Actual design and colors will vary. Not for children under age 3.

Measures approximately 6"H x 9"W x 14"L 


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