Guitar String Bracelet from Seeds for Kindness

Guitar String Bracelet

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This guitar string bracelet is made with coiled wound steel guitar strings, and silver toned nuts and washers, and looks great on any gender. The bracelet is strung on a wound guitar string and has a silver plated hook and eye style clasp. The bracelet measures about 7 1/2" long. The bracelet you will receive will have slight differences from the one shown.

These bracelets are made from previously played strings. Some strings may have some discoloration, but this adds to the character of the pieces. Since most guitar strings are made up of more than one metal, for example steel and nickel, they are not able to be recycled. Unless the strings are given a new use they will just end up in the trash, which makes guitar string jewelry eco-friendly as well as being beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry.


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