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Recycled Garden Aliens

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Handmade in the Thar Desert in India, these wonderful little robot aliens are made entirely from repurposed metals.  Tin cans and metal packaging materials that were once 'junk' are now skipping the landfill as fun, unique, and playful aliens for your garden or home office.  The metals are very durable and will not easily break or deform.

 Providing a unique economic opportunity for artisans, these metal critters also support Sea Legacy.

- Makes a unique and eclectic stand-out gift
- No two designs are alike

Perfect for your office desk or outside in the garden!

MeasurementsEach of these stand nearly 1 foot tall!

Beep:  5" x 12"
Boop:  6" x 11"


 Amuse your friends, family, and, um, ducks!

Garden Alien Robots by Seeds for Kindness



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