Recycled Garden Owl by Seeds for Kindness

Recycled Garden Owl

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This wise old owl guards your garden and welcomes friends! 

Professor Owl is made of all recycled metal, including a shovel, rebar, horseshoes, washers and a saw blade. The bottoms of the feet are extended so he'll stand in your lawn or garden without any other support needed. Just a gentle push into the ground and he'll stand in any dirt or grass.

Owls are sprayed with a polyurethane seal to help resist weathering. Keep in mind, any metal will eventually show rust so it's not a bad idea to respray it every two or three years.

When your owl arrives, just fasten the wings to his back bolts using two provided washers and nuts. This also makes storage easier if your owl needs to hibernate in colder climates.

The makers of these owls donate to the Animal Defense League of Washington County, Virginia. This amazing group is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization whose programs include spay/neuter cost assistance, trap/neuter/release programs, pet food pantry donations and adoption events, including special barn cat adoptions. 

Overall about 13" x 13":
13 1/2" from head to feet at ground level, 7" body width without wings, 3" front to back.

*Please note, this owl is heavy, and shipping may be high.  When and if we can find a less expensive shipping method, will will reduce your actual payment.


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