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Spoon Bracelet: The Inauguration

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The Inauguration silverware pattern was produced in post-war 1948. In the mid-to-late-40s, interiors were both functional and fun as people were enjoying life again after the war. The days of rationing and frugality were over and people had money to spend on home interiors and electronics. This pattern evokes those same sentiments with its floral motif set in a linear design. It certainly made for beautiful tableware and now these stunning bracelets.

These cuff style bracelets are made with a sturdy spring hinge. You don't have to worry about a clumsy clasp or jump rings through the spoon ends, which allows the full beauty of the pattern to shine through.

To get the perfect size, just measure your wrist with a soft dress tape (or use a piece of string). Then just select your size:

Medium (Fits 6"- 6.5" wrist)
Large (Fits 7"- 7.5" wrist)



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